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Beaver Machine Corporation is recognized worldwide for its innovative foresight in product design and engineering. Unsurpassed within the vending industry, Beaver’s state-of-the-art machines receive the highest return on investment.

What's New at Beaver Vending

Classics Collide Automotive Series Machines

Beaver is excited to announce the launch of its automotive series. Timeless rides meet vintage gumball machines. Collect them all!

Click here to order yours today!


New Generation Northwestern 80 Series and A&A Global Capsule Vender Coin Mechanism Assemblies Now Available!

Beaver Machine Corporation is now offering a New Generation coin mechanism assembly that is compatible with Northwestern’s 80 series capsule vending machines and A&A Global’s capsule vending machines.

Mechanism assemblies are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 coin denominations for all countries currently being supplied to by Beaver.

The NG Northwestern 80 and A&A mech assembly will be sold as a complete package that includes the Beaver NG mechanism and adaptor.

The current lead time is between 6 – 8 weeks so please be sure to contact your Sales Representative for pricing and availability.



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