Looking for something a little more modern in design? The BS250D brings candy vending into the 21st century in style.

Why buy this stand?

Sophisticated and urban, the BS250D has a four inch pipe and cast iron base. Supporting up to five different machines this stand redefines vending machines across the board.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 2 large machines – like the Northern Beaver or Flat-Pak on top, 3 smaller machines on the bottom
  • Ability to have a diverse offering of candy, gumballs or toy vending
  • Beaver security harness system
  • Powder coated, cast iron base
  • Single four inch pipe steel tubing with powder coat finish


Beaver safety harness system including:

  • 1 masonry anchor
  • 1 lag eye bolt
  • 1 cable harness
  • 2 quick links


Upper Level 2 NB Series
Lower Level 3 RB Series