Who knows what ferrous means? If you said “something that contains iron”… good on you! Luckily Beaver knows what it means… and why it’s important.

The Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Coin Mechanisms are designed to reduce the acceptance of plastic, cardboard and metal slugs by detecting the magnetic content of the item inserted into the coin mechanism. The Ferrous Coin Mechanism detects plastic and cardboard slugs and the Non-Ferrous Coin Mechanism detects metal slugs.

In other words – in the world of vending machines Beaver Machine Corporation has figured out how to detect what is inserted into a mechanism before it gives a free vend or… breaks the machine. Ingenious.


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Standard Features and Benefits

  • Ferrous: Detects plastic and cardboard slugs and does not dispense product
  • Non-Ferrous: Detects metal slugs and does not dispense product
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Metal die cast construction
  • Accepts coins for Canada and the United States
  • Smaller coins, such as pennies, fall through and do not dispense product


  • 1 coin mechanism
  • 2 coin mechanism
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog
  • Ability to customize handle with personalized logos for quantities over 100
  • The Standard coin mechanism has the option of coming equipped with a clutch handle that prevents vandals from breaking the handle or the internal components of the machines, when forced with a wrench in the attempt to dispense a free vend