As the leading vending machine manufacturer, Beaver Machine Corporation has maintained our reputation by developing and producing the most accurate mechanical rotary coin acceptor in the world.

The. Entire. World.

The New Generation Coin Mechanism offers options of accepting multiple coin combinations – and the ability to filter through currency not meant to be accepted. The innovative handle prevents damage and vandalism to the coin mechanism, and offers a level of quality that other equipment manufacturers around the world trust.


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Beaver Machine Corporation is now offering a New Generation coin mechanism assembly that is compatible with Northwestern’s 80 series capsule vending machines and A&A Global’s capsule vending machines.

Mechanism assemblies are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 coin denominations for all countries currently being supplied to by Beaver.

The NG Northwestern 80 and A&A mech assembly will be sold as a complete package that includes the Beaver NG mechanism and adaptor.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Accepts currency from over 100 countries
  • Chrome plated, all metal construction
  • Equipped with an awesome clutch handle which disallows forced “free vends” and prevents internal damage
  • Measures coins by diameter, thickness and (optional) metallic content
  • Diverts or rejects slugs/wrong currency, without jamming
  • Has the ability to vend for 1, 2, 3, or 4 coins


  • 1 coin mechanism
  • 2 coin mechanism
  • 3 coin mechanism
  • 4 coin mechanism
  • Free vend
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog
  • Ability to customize handle with personalized logos for quantities over 100
  • Coin guide extension
  • Different sizes of drive gears