Being square has never been so cool! With 45% greater capacity and the same durability and quality as the Round Beaver, the Square Beaver is a popular choice!

Why buy this dispenser?

Higher capacity than the Round Beaver… Fits in the same locations… The Square Beaver is a perfect solution. Offered at the same price as the Round Beaver with the additional benefit of accommodating live displays, this dispenser has quickly become all the rage.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • 11 dispensing conversion choices
  • Chrome plated base, hopper, Beaver lid, and Beaver door
  • Flat key and lock
  • Globe decal (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • New Generation Coin Mechanism, the most reliable and durable on the market
  • Square globe offering 45% greater capacity


Circus Red (A2) Canary Yellow (A10)
Midnight Black (A4) Hunter Green (B3)
Arctic White (A5) Sunset Orange (B4)
Sky Blue (A7) Tropical Teal (B6)
Navy Blue (A8)



  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Chute cover protects products from foreign substances
  • Shatter resistant globe


  • ABS cash box
  • New Generation 2 coin mechanism (2 coin slot)
  • New Generation 3 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • New Generation 4 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • Tubular key & lock
  • Chrome chute tray with stainless steel fasteners
  • Micro-switch mounted on New Generation coin mechanism
  • Base collar (for added security & ease of coin removal)
  • Cash drawer - pull tab
    • Black powder coated
  • Lid lock boot
  • Metal large gum/capsule wheel
  • Pipe to vend bouncy balls
  • Cut wing on adjustable conversion
  • Mechanism prepped for micro-switch on machine
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog on mechanism
  • Large bulk adjustable conversion
  • Water Seal Kit
  • White scuff-proof rubber feet
  • Mounting screws
 1" Gum  M&M Peanut M&M Plain  Skittles  Pressed Candy
Square Beaver 16 510  11.5 lbs  13.25 lbs  14.25 lbs  12.5 lbs
 1.125" 1.25" 1.3" 1.75" 2" 2.9"
Square Beaver 16 255  -  -  -  -  -

Dispensing Info

Mini Gum Conversion

(Formerly: 3/4” Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 1/2” - 5/8” diameter
12mm - 16mm diameter
8500 - 3650 count

3 Mini Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 9 Hole Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 3 gumballs at a time
1/2” - 5/8” diameter
12mm - 16mm diameter
8500 - 3650 count

Small Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 1” Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 11/16” – 7/8” diameter
18mm – 22mm diameter
1900 – 1640 count

Medium Gum Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Rocket Gum Wheel Conversion)
To dispense: 3/4” - 1” diameter
20mm - 25mm diameter
1800 – 900 count

Large Gum Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Capsule Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 1” – 1 1/4” diameter
26mm - 32mm diameter
850 - 475 count

2 Large Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 2 Ball Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 2 gumballs at a time
7/8” – 1” diameter
22mm – 24mm diameter
850 – 1430 count

Use these conversions when more than one piece is dispensed and you want to control the portion size for products such as: nuts, confections, Chiclets, and animal feed.

Small Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: Shallow Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense small amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Medium Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: Deep Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense standard amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Large Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: High Capacity Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense large amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Capsule Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Capsule Conversion)
To dispense: 1” – 1.3” – round or acorn shaped capsules

Bouncy Ball Conversion (Metal)
(Formerly: 1” Bouncy Ball Conversion – Metal)
To dispense: 1” – 1.3” balls