Beaver Machine Corporation loves coming up with small business ideas. So why have one vending machine when you can have three – without taking up anymore space? Brilliant!

Why buy this dispenser?

Customization and product variety makes this dispensing machine a great choice. This operator friendly feature allows access to the machine for refilling while not necessarily permitting access to the cash.

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Includes 3 RB series machines complete with our New Generation Coin Mechanism, the most reliable and durable on the market
  • Machines can be mounted as an island set up with access from all sides, or rotated with the coin mechanisms facing forward to place the unit in a corner or against the wall
  • Mounting plate and hardware included
  • Stand flanks available in Blue, Red or Yellow metal flanks, or our economy version with Black nylon flanks
  • Unique Meridian base
Circus Red (A2) Canary Yellow (A10)
Midnight Black (A4) Hunter Green (B3)
Arctic White (A5) Sunset Orange (B4)
Sky Blue (A7) Tropical Teal (B6)
Navy Blue (A8)


  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Chute cover protects products from foreign substances
  • Shatter resistant globe

Beaver safety harness system including:

  • 1 masonry anchor
  • 1 lag eye bolt
  • 1 cable harness
  • 2 quick links


  • ABS cash box
  • New Generation 2 coin mechanism (2 coin slot)
  • New Generation 3 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • New Generation 4 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • Tubular key and lock
  • Chrome chute tray with stainless steel fasteners installed on machine
  • Micro-switch mounted on New Generation coin mechanism
  • Base collar (for added security & ease of coin removal)
  • Lid lock boot
  • Metal large gum/capsule wheel
  • Pipe to vend bouncy balls
  • Cut wing on adjustable conversion
  • Mechanism prepped for micro-switch on machine
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog on mechanism
  • Large bulk adjustable conversion
  • Water Seal Kit
  • Sizes:
    • RB16 - 16 inches high
    • RB18 - 18 inches high
    • RB23 - 23 inches high


1" Gum M&M Peanut M&M Plain Jelly Beans Cashews
RB16 350 9 lbs 10 lbs 10.5 lbs 6.5 lbs
RB18 430 11.25 lbs 12.5 lbs 13 lbs 8 lbs
RB23 680 17 lbs 20 lbs 21 lbs 13 lbs

Dispensing Info

Mini Gum Conversion

(Formerly: 3/4” Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 1/2” - 5/8” diameter
12mm - 16mm diameter
8500 - 3650 count

3 Mini Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 9 Hole Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 3 gumballs at a time
1/2” - 5/8” diameter
12mm - 16mm diameter
8500 - 3650 count

Small Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 1” Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 11/16” – 7/8” diameter
18mm – 22mm diameter
1900 – 1640 count

Medium Gum Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Rocket Gum Wheel Conversion)
To dispense: 3/4” - 1” diameter
20mm - 25mm diameter
1800 – 900 count

Large Gum Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Capsule Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 1” – 1 1/4” diameter
26mm - 32mm diameter
850 - 475 count

2 Large Gum Conversion
(Formerly: 2 Ball Gum Conversion)
To dispense: 2 gumballs at a time
7/8” – 1” diameter
22mm – 24mm diameter
850 – 1430 count

Use these conversions when more than one piece is dispensed and you want to control the portion size for products such as: nuts, confections, Chiclets, and animal feed.

Small Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: Shallow Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense small amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Medium Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: Deep Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense standard amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Large Bulk Adjustable Conversion
(Formerly: High Capacity Adjustable Conversion)
To dispense large amounts of bulk products
Portions can be easily adjusted

Capsule Conversion
(Formerly: Ramp Capsule Conversion)
To dispense: 1” – 1.3” – round or acorn shaped capsules

Bouncy Ball Conversion (Metal)
(Formerly: 1” Bouncy Ball Conversion – Metal)
To dispense: 1” – 1.3” balls