1. Currently, we have a select number of our most popular set-ups available to order online. Contact us today for customized options.

  2. If you have any problem with your machine or just need help in adjusting or installing your machines, call our friendly Customer Service staff and they will be glad to work with you to find the problem and work out the best course of action to correct the problem. You can also find out more about Beaver Machine Corporation’s Lifetime Warranty and Product Maintenance on this website by clicking here.

  3. All machines are custom built. When you order we will establish an approximate production date. This date is generally 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the order and availability of parts.

  4. You may order any number of machines at a time. However, we do offer volume discounts, so it can be to your advantage to order multiple machines at once. This may also help you save on shipping costs!

  5. Beaver machine has coin mechanisms for over 100 countries throughout the world. By simply changing the “coin carrier”, you can make the mechanism work for almost any coin.

  6. There is no additional charge for our standard colour choices. We have 9 choices for the Round and Southern Beaver series machines and 7 choices for the Northern Beaver series machines.

    Round or Southern Beaver Body Colour Options:
    Circus Red (A2)Canary Yellow (A10)
    Midnight Black (A4)Hunter Green (B3)
    Arctic White (A5)Sunset Orange (B4)
    Sky Blue (A7)Tropical Teal (B6)
    Navy Blue (A8)
    Northern Beaver Body Colour Options:
    Circus Red (A2)Navy Blue (A8)
    Midnight Black (A4)Canary Yellow (A10)
    Arctic White (A5)Hunter Green (B3)
    Sky Blue (A7)
  7. To ensure your machine is operating properly, you will need to use the correct dispensing conversion for the type of product you want to dispense. Beaver offers a variety of dispensing conversions that you can order at any time to update your machine. Click here to find out which conversion is right for you!

  8. Since we have a variety of stands for you to choose from, the number of machines a stand can hold varies. Please click here to pick the stand that’s right for you!

  9. The Beaver Towers are an excellent solution for limited floor space. They allow multiple product choices and varying heights. You can choose to have Single, Double or Triple Decker Towers. By joining the Towers you can create a wall of Towers. Start with 3 or 4 and move up to as many as your space will allow.

  10. Beaver offers three options for coin collection on the RB or Southern machine:

    Cash Box: A tray bonded to the inside of the machine body to retain coins in the body, which can then be picked up and dumped into your container. Without cash box, coins drop into the machine base for collection.

    Base Collar: The base collar is bolted to the base of the machine, inside the body. To service the machine, unlock and lift the machine, giving it a 1/4 turn and rest the entire machine on the collar. You now have easy access to the coins without completely removing the service head. Scrape the coins out through the large opening in the front of the collar.

    Cash Drawer: The cash drawer slides effortlessly out of the base, allowing for quick and easy removal of the coins. This cash drawer option cuts servicing time in half, allowing the operator more time for other aspects of business.

  11. Beaver Machine Corporation offers many different key numbers. Each key is constructed to fit Beaver machines exclusively. If a replacement key is needed, contact Beaver directly. If you purchased your machine directly from Beaver, a key number will be on file. If the machine was bought through a third party you will need to confirm that the machine is a Beaver (Beaver will be written on the handle of the coin mechanism and on the lid) and the model. To identify the model of machine, please refer to our product catalog.

  12. The New Generation (NG) coin mechanism is the highest quality rotary coin mechanism and provides extremely close tolerances for coin dimensions. It eliminates acceptance of most “slugs” and includes a “clutch handle” at no charge. The coin mechanism handle has a special two-way clutch so if a patron tries to turn the handle without inserting the correct coin, the handle will just spin in either direction without doing any damage to the coin mechanism or the machine. The clutch works even if no coin is inserted and a wrench is used to crank the handle! This is an absolutely necessary option for unsupervised machine locations when ordering the standard coin mechanism. The NG mech also has a “penny hole” that allows smaller coins, “slugs”, and other unwanted objects to simply fall inside the machine without jamming up the mechanism or causing other problems. Coin mechanisms are available for over 200 different coin denominations for over 100 countries.