The heart of any machine is the coin mech…Change for the Better.

VERSATILITY is our middle name.
Okay, Wolfgang is our middle name. But it should be versatility.

It seems wasteful to limit the use of our renowned coin mechanisms to just our gumball machines and candy venders – especially when there’s a whole world full of vending machines begging for the most accurate coin mechanism on earth.

How accurate?
Our coin mechanism measures the diameter and thickness of the coin up to 0.015 of an inch. It rejects slugs and has the ability to allow smaller coins to follow through without vending any product.

The bottom line…
With this patented engineering marvel only the right coins can be inserted and the right currency used ensuring you reap profits instead of slugs.

But wait, there’s more!
To provide you with even more peace of mind, our coin mechanism has been designed to prevent vends when its handle is forced, thanks to our clutch technology. Instead, the handle just spins without damaging the internal components of the machine. As soon as someone comes along and drops in the correct money, the clutch handle works as if nothing happened.

Add the most accurate and efficient coin mechanism in the world to your non-Beaver machines too! Give us a call to see how Beaver Machine Corporation can work for you.