Quality and Safety Standards

It may seem obvious but we think it’s worth spelling out:

Beaver Machine Corporation never cuts corners. We don’t scrimp. We test, and test, and test our equipment over and over before we put anything in the marketplace. Our commitment to quality is virtually in our DNA.

In other words?

When you invest in a Beaver product you receive unparalleled quality, safety and security in vending machines. Still need some specifics?

Quality Standards: Safety

  • Security harnesses are standard with stand orders – no worries about your vending machine tipping over
  • The Round Beaver chute cover means that foreign objects – including kid’s hands – can’t enter the mechanical parts of your dispenser
  • The Northern Beaver door is specially designed to prevent injury to children’s hands when attempting to access the internal components of the vending machine
  • We’ve got dedicated locking systems on the Northern Beaver and Flat-Pak for the product and the cash so that staff have access to either the merchandise (gumball, candy and toy vending) only, or the cash box

Quality Standards: Security

  • We’ve made it virtually impossible to disassemble the dispenser from the stand without the keys!

Quality Control Standards

Why check once, when you can check three times? At Beaver Machine Corporation we believe it is best to be sure and as such our quality assurance program is untouchable. Each employee has made it their responsibility to produce the best vending machine, mechanism or stand on the market. Want some proof?


  • Operationally test each vending machine a minimum of three times before it is shipped
  • Add a vibratory finish to all die cast metal parts to remove sharp edges
  • Trim and polish each part
  • Ensure that only ABS rubber impregnated plastic is used for high stress tolerance
  • Guarantee that all venders feature polycarbonate, shatter resistant globes and panels
  • Custom build each vender – no mass production here – making sure each customer receives exactly the dispenser they are looking for

Customer Service

Probably the thing that sets Beaver apart the most is our conviction that we are not just an engineering and manufacturing firm, but we are in the business of client care. Our belief? What good is it to produce the best vending machines on the planet if our clients don’t keep adding to their inventory of Beaver goods? We want our customers back and so we invest time, money and care into our clients. All Beaver staff are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable – they can answer your questions any time. And our sales reps will go above and beyond to customize products and come up with specialty applications for your specific needs.

You can reach us by phone, fax, email, live chat (coming soon)… whatever suits you best. After all, we are a family business. And our family includes our clients… we intend to keep it that way.

Beaver’s® commitment to meet tight deadlines, along with their lifetime warranty, prove dedication to customer care and satisfaction.