Product Maintenance

A brand new Beaver is a beautiful thing - some might say it's a work of art. Seriously.

But there is one thing even prettier – a 20-year-old Beaver Machine that looks and runs like it’s brand new. Here are some tips to help extend the life of your Beaver Vending Machine:

  • Unlock machine and remove the lid. Carefully pour out the product into a suitable clean food grade container, trying where possible to leave any product chippings/dust in the bottom of the globe. Discard these separately.
  • Unscrew the two flat head screws that hold the globe tightly to the hopper. The globe will then lift free off the hopper.
  • Reassemble and fill ensuring that the flat sides of the top ring sit snugly inside the 4 raised plastic lugs on the top of the globe. Insert barrel lock and tighten with key – DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN LOCK.
  • All moving parts should be maintained using food grade, non-toxic lubricants such as vegetable oils or Vaseline™.