Appearance and Hardware

What you need to know about your machine in order to perform appropriate product maintenance.


All stands should be polished with 303™ Protectant, which can be purchased from Beaver, or a reputable substitute every time the machines are serviced. This will help to protect the stand against corrosion and maintain its shine to keep up a steady flow of new and repeat business.

Be sure to check all nuts and bolts on the stand assembly to ensure that all hardware is secure. A loose stand assembly may not be able to support the machines in a safe manner.


The exterior of all machines should be polished with 303™ Protectant or a mild soap solution in order to remove dirt and smudges. The use of 303™ Protectant will bring out the glossy finish of the various components, including the globe exterior, display panels and all chrome plated parts. This product is especially good for plastic and powder coated parts as it helps reduce the static that tends to attract dust. The interior of the machine should ONLY BE CLEANED USING FOOD GRADE PRODUCTS. A dry cloth is recommended for cleaning the interior of the globe.

DISPENSING CONVERSIONS: Whenever the dispensing conversion is removed or exchanged in the machine, it is very important to add a brush of lubricant to the centre hub of the hopper prior to installing the new wheel. This hub acts as a bearing for the various dispensing wheels and must have lubrication at all times. We suggest an FDA approved petroleum jelly such as Vaseline™. All service head components can be washed in warm water with dish soap. They include the following items:

  • Top Ring
  • Side Rods
  • Globe
  • Adaptor Ring
  • Dispensing Wheel
  • Brush Housing

On re-assembly, the threads on the side rods should be coated with petroleum jelly. This will make future removal much easier.

COIN MECHANISMS: The coin mechanism should be disassembled, cleaned and all moving parts re-lubricated at least every 5,000 vends, or 12 months. This procedure will help ensure a smooth operation as well as help reduce wear on the various working components, extending service life. The slip clutch handle is a maintenance free component. It has permanently lubricated bearings inside which do not require re-lubrication unless the handle is disassembled.

LOCK ASSEMBLIES: The locks are low maintenance components of the machine assembly requiring only occasional lubrication. Every 6 months apply a drop of thin multipurpose oil (such as sewing machine oil) into the top opening of the lock, then insert the key, lock. This procedure will help in keeping the locks operating smoothly, as well as reducing the wear over time.