Jim Prince

Business Development

What I actually do:

Promote new business ideas, out of the box thinking, strategy

Why I love what I do:

Iā€™m a people person… I have the opportunity to meet and grow their businesses as well as ours

One of my favourite movies:

Top Gun ā€“ Seen it at least 40 times

Things that make me happy:

Good wines, gourmet foods, family and a good round of golf

Cheesiest song on my iPod:

Mickey ā€“ Toni Basil

Superpower I wish I had:

The ability to fly!

One wish from a genie:

To meet and have dinner with Gordon Ramsay

When I’m not at work I:

Cook and create gourmet dishes

Favourite food:

Seared Foie Gras

Quote to Live By:

“Life is too short for fake butter” – Julia Child