Piru Kohilathasan

Sales Assistant

What I actually do:

A little bit of EVERYTHING!!!

Why I love what I do:

I get to learn new things everyday!

One of my favourite movies:

Bad Boys

Things that make me happy:


Cheesiest song on my iPod:

Pocketful of Sunshine

Superpower I wish I had:

Absorbing powers

One wish from a genie:

To turn me into a human calculator!

When I’m not at work I:


Favourite food:


Quote to live by:

“The greatest lesson ever learned has yet to be taught” – Nas

Pet Peeve:

People who talk to me when I have headphones on


I enjoy speeding!!!

I’d love to meet:


Fun fact:

Every single odd number has an “e” in it

The last thing I ate was:


All time best commercial:

Old Spice (with Terry Crews)

I like my eggs: