Child Smile – Dental Patient Gifts

Reward your young patients to improve their experience and build loyalty. Every smile counts, especially the little ones.

Remember as a child, the excitement of getting a toy from a vending machine? Recreate that classic toy vending machine experience for your next generation of young patients and watch them leaving your office a happy customer. It’s hard to impress young patients, especially when they dread their next dental visit. After seeing a young patient, reward them with a Beaver purchased token for them to choose from a variety of dental and non-dental capsules. They will be excited to come back for their next visit knowing they will be rewarded again with their next prize.

Dentist Testimonial
“Beaver Machine Corporation’s toy machines have been a wonderful addition to our dental office. Our young patients look forward to getting prizes every time they come. The prizes and machines are of excellent quality and well worth the minor investment. The customer service is excellent. We could not be happier with their service and product.”
- Dr Stacey Stein, Centenary Dental

Beaver takes pride in our products, offering high-end candy and toy prize machines. Instead of a quarter, treat your customers with a dental ‘’smile’ token. In addition to our machines, we also provide an assortment of vending toys to be dispensed.

Update your approach to young patients with Child Smile by Beaver!

Three easy steps to purchase your Toy Capsule Machine online in the size of your choice, with a 120 capsule capacity. Check out our options to order from multiple capsule options both dental related and licensed.




Toy Capsule Dental Machine for $275.25 USD
* Toy capsules / fill not included with this price.

Our reordering process will save you time and money.

The world needs more smiles. Improve your young patient experience and put smiles on their faces. Maybe better to say and put a Smile on their face(s)!

Interested in having four machines?