One or two machines… it’s up to you. The BS215 is a great option for any candy vending needs.

Why buy this stand?

A cost-effective small business solution, this stand is a safe and easy way to display your dispenser and add to your bottom line.

Available in multiple sizes:

  • A-27 holds 1 RB Series or BGB
  • B-27 holds 2 RB Series


Purchase Your BS215 ( US $93.00 )
* Candy / gum / capsules / fill not included with purchase.


Standard Features and Benefits

  • Beaver security harness system
  • Can mount 1 or 2 Round Beaver, Ball Globe Beaver or Southern Beaver series machines
  • Chrome plated single pipe steel tube
  • Powder coated, cast iron base


Beaver safety harness system including:

  • 1 masonry anchor
  • 1 lag eye bolt
  • 1 cable harness
  • 2 quick links


A-27 1 RB Series or BGB
B-27 2 RB Series