Innovators always want to stand out from the pack. The Infla-Tu is a standard setter in the world of toy vending… and it fits in perfectly with Beaver Machine’s mantra of always leading the way.

Why buy this dispenser?

Why not is the better question! This dispenser vends deflated rubber balls in a 2.7-inch capsule and then offers a sports inflation needle and foot pump at the unit’s base to inflate them to their full 8 ½-inch size. How cool is that?

No electricity required!

Purchase Your Infla-Tu ( US $650.00 )
* Candy / gum / capsules / fill not included with purchase.


Standard Features and Benefits

  • A pumping mechanism and “filling station” with an automatic shut-off switch
  • Chrome plated lid, door and coin mechanism
  • Dual locking system allows access to merchandise only while restricting access to the cash box under a separate key
  • 7 dispensing conversion choices
  • Chrome plated lid and Beaver chute door
  • Coin decal (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • Conversion with permanent die cast wheel and choice of interchangeable disks for capsule, rocket or gum
  • Flat key top lock
  • Front panel cash door tubular lock
  • Interior product display clips
  • Mechanism jamming latch, an exclusive feature which completely eliminates the danger of injury from hands being trapped in the chute
  • New Generation Coin Mechanism, the most reliable and durable on the market
  • Powder coated top ring, hopper, base, chute frame, and corner posts
  • Separate cash box
  • Shatter resistant clear display panels
  • Slug diverter on mechanism


  • Dispensing wheels are locked out and do not turn when chute door is open, to ensure children's hands do not get caught
  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Shatter resistant clear panels
  • Recessed air nozzle
  • Air flow by-pass switch is activated when ball has reached recommended size, ensuring ball cannot be over-inflated


  • Medium adjustable conversion
  • Large adjustable conversion
  • Large capsule conversion
  • Micro-switch mounted on NG mechanism
  • New Generation 2 coin mechanism (2 coin slot)
  • New Generation 3 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • New Generation 4 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • Ferrous or Non-Ferrous single coin mechanism
  • EZ Count counter
  • Coin return guide
  • Tubular top lock
  • Lid lock boot
  • Adjustable product display holder
  • Extension for adjustable product display holder (for thick displays)
  • NG mechanism prepped for micro-switch
  • Bent and sharpened washer dog on NG mechanism
NB50 180

The machine measures approximately 11” wide by 11” deep and takes up just 24 sq. inches of floor space. The height is 76 inches (includes 26” base).

Additional Information

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 51 in