Stefanie Lock


What I actually do:

Talk to people all day!

Why I love what I do:

I get to talk a lot

One of my favourite movies:

An Officer and A Gentlemen

Things that make me happy:

My family

Cheesiest song on my iPod:

I don’t have an iPod

Superpower I wish I had:

To fly

One wish from a genie:

To be rich and famous

When I’m not at work I:

Spend time with my family

Favourite food:


Quote to live by:

Don’t live by quotes

Pet Peeve:

People who ask me to do EVERYTHING!!!!


Sometimes I feel like calling in sick when I’m not

I’d love to meet:

Bruce Springsteen

Fun fact:

I don’t have a middle name but I lie to people and tell them it is Maria

The last thing I ate was:


All time best commercial:

I don’t watch TV and when I do I use my PVR and not watch them

I like my eggs:

In an omelette