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Entertain your friends & family!

Our Beaver Gumball Machine, previously only available for commercial use, is now available for your home...  learn more!

Full turnkey casting
right here!

Machine-O-Matic has been
producing high and low volume
aluminum and zinc castings for
over 50 years...  read more!

The heart of any machine is the coin mech!

Add the most accurate and efficient coin mechanism in the world to your non-Beaver machines too! Click here to see how Beaver Machine Corporation can work for you. 

Reliable. FUN. Lucrative.
Canadian. Family. Innovative.
Committed. Engineering.

Words. Some of our favourite. Varying definitions – but we strive to have Beaver Machine Corporation be synonymous with each other.

Vending machines have stood the test of time – once only associated with gumball machines they now peddle a plethora of paraphernalia – and Beaver Machine Corporation has been leading the charge for more than 50 years. Here in Canada and around the globe – find out why Beaver Machines are your only choice for business.

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