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BMC Universal

Greater capacity, longer service cycle and increased profit opportunities. Save time, gas, wages and money...  SHOP NOW!

Full turnkey casting service right here!

Machine-O-Matic has been producing high and low volume aluminum and zinc castings for over 50 years...  read more!
Classic Double Head

candy goodness!

A cost effective starter setup that is great for small areas. Two heads are always better than one...  SHOP NOW!
Licensed Car Machines

Still Cool.

Choose from iconic car logo’s for your very own vintage gumball machine  SHOP NOW!

World-class Gumball Machine Experts

It really doesn’t matter where you live in the world. Everyone knows the Beaver Gumball Machine name and what it stands for.

Our gumball machines are universally accepted around the world for their machine quality, design and innovation. Beaver Vending is one of the most respected brands in the vending machine industry.

Pioneers in innovating the classic Gumball Machine, Josef Schwarzli, a World-Renowned Vending Machine Designer and founder, was the first manufacturer to use shatterproof polycarbonate rather than glass for its globes, in the 1970s; the first to employ powder coating instead of wet spraying, in the 1980s; the first to employ a bidirectional clutch handle without springs — and, with the New Generation coin mech introduced in the ’80s, the first to market a mech that measures two coins individually. In all, Schwarzli holds a total of 148 patents for everything from coin mechs and machine shapes to the now-classic J Stand that came to market in the late ’70s.

As with all Beaver mechs, the New Generation coin mechanisms are available for coins in over 120 countries. In the U.S. market, where there is not a widely circulated dollar coin, the mechs can be formatted to accept tokens, allowing vendors to sell higher-priced products.

Founded in 1963 as Machine-O-Matic, Beaver Machine Corp. manufactures bulk venders, coin mechanisms and equipment stands. The company is based in Newmarket, ON, Canada.


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