NG Single Coin

NG Single Coin

A level of quality that OEMs around the world trust.

The New Generation Coin Mechanism offers options of accepting multiple coin combinations – and the ability to filter through currency not meant to be accepted by measuring the width and diameter of coins.

The innovative clutch handle prevents damage and vandalism to the coin mechanism, and offers a level of quality that other equipment manufacturers around the world trust.

Sizes Available:
– Flat Pak Mech
– Round Beaver Mech
– Northern Beaver Mech
– Northwestern 80/A&A Mech
– Tomy Mech

Purchase Your NG Single Coin ( US $38.50 )
* Candy / gum / capsules / fill not included with purchase.


Shipping Dimensions

Product SizeWeight (lbs)Length (in)Width (in)Height (in)
Round Beaver Mech2.006.0006.0005.000
Flat Pak Mech2.006.0006.0005.000
Northern Beaver Mech2.006.0006.0005.000
Tomy Mech3.006.0006.0005.000
Northwestern 80/A&A Mech (1 or 2 coin)3.006.0006.0005.000

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