Looking for a new twist on vending machines? The Flat-Pak sticker machine is exactly what you’re searching for!

Why buy this dispenser?

The Flat-Pak sticker dispenser has a variety of features that make this one of the most unique vending machines on the market. Tamper-proof and easy to operate, the Flat-Pak can hold 600 stickers at a time. And it isn’t even picky about how it’s loaded… too bad Printers couldn’t use our technology. Hmmmm…

Standard Features and Benefits

  • Coin decals (USA/Canadian/Euro currency)
  • Chrome plated lid
  • Flat key top lock and tubular lower lock
  • Front panel cash door tubular lock
  • Front sliding panels for faster product change
  • New Generation Coin Mechanism (2), the most reliable and durable on the market
  • Powder coated top ring, hopper, base, chute frame and corner posts
  • Separate coin boxes
Circus Red (A2) Navy Blue (A8)
Midnight Black (A4) Canary Yellow (A10)
Arctic White (A5) Hunter Green (B3)
Sky Blue (A7)
Anodized Silver


  • Non-toxic lubricant on moving parts
  • Shatter resistant clear panels


  • New Generation 2 coin mechanism (2 coin slot)
  • New Generation 3 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • New Generation 4 coin mechanism (back to back)
  • Tubular key and lock
  • Micro-switch mounted on New Generation coin mechanism
  • Lid lock boot


Column 1 = 300 Cards
Column 2 = 300 Cards